Etien Watches: Our Philosophy

At ETIEN, we believe that a luxury watch is more than a timepiece. It’s a statement that sets the tone for conversations, life-changing experiences and finesse. This is why ETIEN is committed to ushering people into a new world of modern style and luxurious design when it comes to watches. We want you to feel the power and confidence that comes from wearing an ETIEN wristwatch.

Gullioche enamel watches

Our style is unique as we piece together designs that not only show the brilliance of handmade craftsmanship but reflect the richness of traditions. We are a company that weaves ancient historical culture with modern technology to create a beautiful masterpiece that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

For lovers of art, culture, and lifestyle, the ETIEN brand of quality luxury watches represent years of cultural traditions from all around the world. This means every watch we have may have a connection to your roots. Everyone who owns an ETIEN can see value in their beautiful history and enjoy life with added confidence.

Your satisfaction is our priority

ETIEN is a luxury watch brand based in urban Singapore. Like our country of origin, we look forward to the exciting, dynamic future yet continue to remain grounded in our business values. For us, that means optimum customer satisfaction.  

We have customers from all over the world

You represent confidence, style and elegance. With ETIEN, we recognise your refined tastes. 

When you wear our timepieces, it’s a testament to your love for fine craftsmanship. Make a statement with ETIEN.