About Us

In ETIEN, we believe that a watch is more than a timepiece but a statement that sets the tone for conversation, life changing experiences and finesse. This is why ETIEN is committed to ushering people into a new world of modern style and exotic design when it comes to watches. Our style from the heart of Singapore is more than genuine leather straps to your hands, but a machine that exudes power and adds more confidence to everyone who owns an ETIEN wristwatch.

Our style is unique as we reach far into the depth of culture to piece together designs that not only show brilliance of handmade craftsmanship but tell stories of ancient rich history. We are a company that incorporates tales and ancient historical culture with modern technology to create a beautiful masterpiece that is durable, aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

For lovers of art, culture, and lifestyle, the ETIEN brand of quality wrist watches allows people to find a reason to boast of their heritage. Our watches represent years of cultural pieces from all around the world. This means every watch we have may has a connection to your roots. Everyone who owns an ETIEN can see value in their beautiful history and enjoy life with an added confidence.

Our priority is optimum customer satisfaction. We want to create an ideal that allows people to feel more confident, stylish and elegant as they carry themselves through the busy days of life. Our goal is to showcase the rich ancient history of many cultures of the world and through the harmonization of technology, we take pride in our ways.