Leather watch straps

ETIEN watch straps: luxury on your wrist

Luxury leather watch straps

At ETIEN, our exterior watch straps are made of Alran's Chèvre goatskin. The lining is Zermatt, a top-grade mineral tanned calfskin. You might be very familiar with leather or have no clue what the names mean. Whatever your expertise, it is noteworthy to know the material because you will watch your watch on your wrist for a long time. 

The material of the strap matters as you want to be comfortable, and at the same time, the finished look of the product must also look luxurious.

So why do we use Alran’s Chèvre goatskin and Zermatt calfskin? But, first, let’s learn more about the brands and the leather material each tannery uses.  

Where does our leather come from? 

Chèvre  goatskin comes from Alran S.A.S tannery in the depths of Montagne Noire (Black Mountains). It is based in France, in the South of Tarn and has been in business since 1903. 

It is famous worldwide for its tanning and tawing of goat, calf, buffalo skins, and hides. In addition, the company supplies many prestigious brands and well-known manufacturers, independent artisans and young designers. 

Zermatt leather comes from Tanneries Haas in France. Tanneries Haas is located on the Rhine River plain in France. The business is still owned and managed by the founding family and has extensive knowledge of calfskin processes. Its high-end luxury fashion clients include  Hermès, Chanel, and Bottega Veneta. One of its most famous products? Watch straps. The Zermatt leather it produces is a smooth calfskin leather that is made especially for use as lining watch straps.

Why Chevre leather for the outer skin? 

You can recognise Alran's Chèvre goatskin from its texture and grain. It feels buttery soft and has a pebbled surface. This interesting juxtaposition is because its artisans use a manual handcrafting technique to reinforce and accentuate the natural leather grain. 

There is also a slight glossiness even without constant polishing. By the way, you might recognise Chevre leather elsewhere. It is the same material luxury goods brand Hermès uses to produce its bags.

Chevre has very high scratch resistance and can handle plenty of wear with very little or no changes to the surface. In addition, if you are constantly on the go, chèvre is water- and scratch-resistant. All these properties make it an excellent option for watch straps.

Why Zermatt leather for the lining?

Zermatt leather is water and stretch resistant. Importantly, it is also hypoallergenic. This quality is crucial for those who have sensitive skin. The beautiful Zermatt leather also has a matte finish that stays the same without tarnishing even after prolonged use.

Now that you know what work goes behind the material of our watch straps, here are some common tips you ought to know. 

As you are aware, leather comes from animals. The hide of animals can develop scratches and marks. Even the highest graded leather might show minor defects depending on the leather cut and its finishing process. This detail only enhances the beauty of the strap, as it showcases the natural finishing of the hide. 

If you receive a watch strap that looks slightly different from the pictures, do not worry. Each batch of leather production may have varying shades of colour. The colour difference is an aesthetic quality since no two watches are identical. When you wear an ETIEN watch, you also wear a work of art. Your time is precious, so choose timepieces that both represent your style and are comfortable to wear.